#WalkTheDelta is a project to gather community input, ideas and inspiration about how to improve the pedestrian experience in the Delta.

A literal cross road in Hamilton, the Delta is a barrier between vibrant residential neighbourhoods and the gore. It has been designed and refined to allow cars to  quickly move through it to the detriment of the people that live near it.

So we want to hear what you want. What would encourage you to #WalkTheDetla.

We invite you to write your  comments and suggestions on our posters. Alternatively, you can post on Twitter using the hashtag WalkTheDelta.

We’ll try to record the feedback here and inspire people to get out and




One thought on “About

  1. I occasionally walk around the area, primarily to get to and from Cameron Street (just east of Kenilworth) to Gage Park, but find the area is just way too car focussed. The number of cars, the speed at which they travel, the noise they make – all make it a very unpleasant environment to walk in. I’ve stopped riding my bike in the area, given the volume of speeding car traffic. The Main/King intersection is particularly bad, the way cars speed around the curve. I don’t even like sitting in my car at the red light, for fear that one of the speeding cars will not make the curve. The one-way streets in particular encourage drivers to speed. Walking around in Hamilton is like walking alongside the 401. Lower the speed limits on the city streets! The lack of trees / landscaping / planters in the area also contributes to it not being a pleasant place to stroll. If there were some small shops (eg, flower shop, bakery, green grocer, ice-cream shop) on the main streets I’d be more tempted to walk there and shop local, rather than get in my car and drive through the area to get somewhere else. I’m now about to jump in my car to do some shopping on Ottawa Street, Locke Street and James North (none of which are one-way streets, and are streets that I find are pedestrian-friendly). I’d prefer to walk / cycle to shops in my neighbourhood community. Until the City of Hamilton converts the one-way streets to more pedestrian-friendly two-way streets, the car will rule and pedestrians will lose out.

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